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W27062 Wisconsin 54 Trunk
Trempealeau, WI 54661

608 539-2652

STATE LAW - No Pet Policy

Late August to October 31st - 10am to 6pm
November 1st to Thanksgiving Eve - 10am to 5pm

Ecker's Apple Farm has been a family-owned orchard seated on The Great River Road near Trempealeau, Wisconsin since 1945. The orchard is home to 20 apple cultivars, including Honeycrisp. We are dedicated to growing our apple crop sustainably using integrated pest management techniques to achieve the highest quality of fruit. Our apple crop adheres to Tru Earth certification requirements.

Ecker's also features a John Deere train, the Honeycrisp Express, an apiary, observational bee hive, blueberries in the summer, and exclusive farm-chic weddings. Home to Hog's Back Brew Farm, Ecker's is now a must-stop craft beer destination open on weekends July through October.
Come walk our orchard rows; pick-your-own apples each September. Take in the fall colors with family and friends. Our Farm Market is open daily each fall, brimming with specialty foods, our gourmet caramel, and our scratch apple pies. The orchard is our labour of love, please be part of it with us.



Ecker's Apple Farm cultivates tree ripened apples each fall.  Stop into our orchard market and bag your own or bring your family and friends apple picking in our u-pick, pick-your-own orchard.



Day - Outing

Stroll through the rows of old apple trees hand in hand with your family and friends. Ecker’s Pick-Your-Own orchard is situated at the foot of Hog’s Back Bluff in the beautiful Mississippi river valley.   Bring a picnic lunch and take in the warm sun and cool autumn breezes while hand picking your favorite cultivars.

Variety availability is contingent on apple maturity and harvest times.  Apple bags are provided and must be pre-purchased.

Pricing is $10 for a 5lb bag and $18 for a 10lb bag.

*Toward the end of apple season when Pick-Your-Own apples are limited, we offer a vast selection of our pre-picked crop for purchase inside the farm market.


This orchard is our livelihood; please be respectful.

Property destruction is against the law and against policy here at Ecker's Apple Farm.  Any person or family caught intentionally destroying property, which includes wasteful picking and/or throwing apples, will be asked to pay for the damaged product and leave the premises immediately.  If a person or family cannot understand and comply with the law and the policies of Ecker's Apple Farm, the authorities will be notified.


Picked - Washed - Polished

If you don't have the time or want to wander the orchard in search of the perfect apple, visit our orchard market and hand-select your favorite varieties.  We realize a wide spectrum of apples yields an expansive range of tastes, textures, and subtle flavors. Complimentary tasting room samples are always available.

All apples sold in the market are washed and polished.  We do not pre-bag any apples.  All apples are chosen and bagged by you, the customer, and then weighed at check-out.

Prices range based on apple variety.  Often times, we have
#2 apples available at discount.  These apples have small bruises and blemishes but taste just as wonderful as our #1 apples.

half bushel - whole bushel

Interested in a large quantity of apples?  We have half bushel and whole bushel available in every variety.  Please call ahead or ask an associate to assist you in your bulk selection.

For information on shipping apples, please click here.

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