Gourmet Caramel, The Best Caramel Sauce, Best Caramel Sauce, Eckers Apple Farm, Trempealeau WIDip decedent caramel apples, sinfully drizzle on ice cream and pies, or bake a self-indulgent swirl into cakes and breads.

Ecker’s gourmet caramel is made almost daily in season. The finest copper kettle equipment is used to make each batch on site.

Caramel can be purchased year round in an 18 ounce personal sized container or an economy 9 lb. pail. Both are available at the retail shop or for purchase via email in the off season (January thru August).

To place an order via our website, please email:
[email protected].

18 oz. container $5.85
9 lb. pail $49.50


Caramel should be stored in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life.  Caramel shelf life is 6 months when stored properly.

Caramel is best when warm. To heat, microwave caramel on DEFROST for 2 minutes.  Stir.  Microwave caramel on DEFROST for an additional minute.

*Warning – Do NOT heat caramel on high power. Caramel is a sugar-based candy that will burn under excessive heat.