Queen’s Apple Catering

From your bridal shower to your wedding day, the Queen’s Apple offers a unique alternative to the traditional cake. Your guests will light up when presented with a local delicacy, Ecker’s Gourmet Caramel.

Each Queen’s Apple is handmade with a crisp, seasonal apple, drenched in our decadent caramel. We then top it off with whipped cream, crushed peanuts, and a cherry.

Price List: $100 deposit due at booking. This fee covers labor and transportation.

1 – 100 Servings  –  $3.25 per serving
101 – 200 Servings  –  $3.15 per serving
201 – 300 Servings  –  $3.00 per serving

It has been our experience that approximately half of the total wedding guests will request an apple.  Since the dessert is large, many couples and families share.

The Queen’s Apple is extremely portable and requires approximately a 3’ x 4’ area and access to one electrical outlet. All labor, including set up, serving, and clean up, is included in the deposit fee. Presentation shown in gallery is typical, brides are welcome to furnish alternative dishes.