Morel Mushrooms

The elusive morel mushroom…

Ecker’s Apple Farm has been brokering morel mushrooms for over 30 years.  The season is usually about four weeks long and begins around Mother’s Day in May. The morel mushroom cannot be cultivated, it must be hunted and found, making it a rare delicacy.

Seasoned morel hunters never share their mushroom haunts; however, looking under dead elm trees and old apple trees is a good place to scavenge.  Always collect your mushrooms into paper bags or cardboard boxes.  NEVER place them in plastic of any kind.  Be sure to bring a small knife along when out hunting.  Cut each mushroom just above grade, never pull a mushroom out with the root in tact. Brush all dirt and insects off mushrooms, NEVER wash them in water.  Store your mushrooms in the refrigerator until bringing them in to sell.  Only fresh, clean, and dry, mushrooms will be purchased from hunters.

Mushrooms are competitively priced when both buying and selling.  Be sure to call ahead to get information on daily pricing.  Ecker’s Apple Farm can ship mushrooms overnight to most Great Lake states.