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W27062 Wisconsin 54 Trunk
Trempealeau, WI 54661

608 539-2652

No pets, please.

Late August to October 31st - 10am to 6pm
November 1st to Thanksgiving Eve - 10am to 5pm

Ecker's Apple Farm has been a family-owned orchard seated on The Great River Road near Trempealeau, Wisconsin since 1945.  The orchard is home to 20 apple cultivars, including Honeycrisp.  We are dedicated to growing our apple crop sustainably using integrated pest management techniques to achieve the highest quality of fruit.  Our 2017 apple crop is Tru Earth Certified.

Ecker's also features a John Deere train, the Honeycrisp Express, an apiary, observational bee hive, morel mushrooms in the spring, blueberries in the summer, and Wisconsin peaches in the fall.  Home to Hog's Back Brew Farm, Ecker's is now a must-stop craft beer destination open on weekends June through October.
Come walk our orchard rows; pick-your-own apples each September.  Take in the fall colours with family and friends.  Our farm market is open daily each fall, brimming with specialty foods, our gourmet caramel, and our scratch apple pies.  The orchard is our labour of love, please be part of it with us.

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Ecker’s gourmet caramel recipe was developed in 1995 by Peter Ecker when large scale, copper kettle production became necessary. All caramel is made on site with the finest ingredients. The caramel is truly a delicacy.


Ecker’s gourmet caramel is made almost daily in season.  The finest copper kettle equipment is used to make each batch on site.  
Caramel can be purchased year round in an 18 ounce personal sized container or an economy 9 lb. pail. Both are available at the retail shop or for purchase via email in the off season (January thru August).

To place an order, please email:
For information on shipping caramel, please click here.

Heating and Cooling

Caramel should be stored in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life.  Caramel shelf life is 6 months when stored properly.  
Caramel is best when warm.  To heat, microwave caramel on DEFROST for 2 minutes.  Stir.  Microwave caramel on DEFROST for an additional minute.

*Warning – Do NOT heat caramel on high power. Caramel is a sugar-based candy that will burn under excessive heat.


Ecker’s Apple Farm developed and trademarked the Queen’s Apple in 1995.  Since then, many have become small business owners through purchasing the franchise. The concept is simple, portable, and low maintenance while the specialty product is unique and delicious.

The Queen’s Apple cart and cutter come standard with the franchise.  Ecker’s patented caramel must be used in the making of every Queen’s Apple and can be ordered and shipped to anywhere in the United States.  Each pail of caramel weighs 9 pounds and can be used to make approximately 70 Queen’s Apple desserts. Other condiments such as whip cream, crushed peanuts, and cherries, can be procured through private purchase.  All other supplies, including but not limited to, the 7 quart cooker, condiment tray, spatulas, and Queen’s Apple picture are provided with the initial purchase.

A three week lead time is typical upon ordering a franchise.  A checklist of supplies is provided to outline and organize every need from set-up to cleanup of the cart.  All supplemental supplies, such as napkins, spoons, and serving dishes are commonly available everywhere.  Wall mounted cutters are also procurable for your roadside stand in lieu of the cart mounted cutter.

The price point of the Queen’s Apple can vary by location.  Smaller markets typically accept $4 per dessert.  A larger market may accept $5 or more. The average profit margin ranges from 73% to 81%, depending on the variety and price of apples.

For more information on the Queen's Apple franchise, please email:


If you are interested in using or retailing Eckerʼs gourmet caramel in your own farmerʼs market or bakery business,
please email: